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Commited to our Communities

At Expro, we're making a commitment to give back to both the communities where we serve as well as helping meet the needs of underserved populations around the world.

The guiding principle of our business is "Do Good. Work." We aim to provide the highest quality service while also maintaining the highest standards for corporate responsibility.  

Our Collaborations:


Want to join us?

In addition to doing quality work, Expro is changing lives.  When you work with us, you are also providing clean and living water to the unreached around the world.


Today, more than 785 million people live without access to clean water. Lack of clean water is still the #1 health crisis facing the world today.  


Expro is partnering with neverthirst to address this crisis and make a significant impact in the lives of people around the world.  neverthirst provides customized and sustainable water solutions in eight countries across Africa and Asia, partnering with local leadership and establishing community buy-in to create long-term development.


To date, neverthirst has served more than 800,000 people. They are strategically targeting 13 regions with a vision to end their water crisis in the next 5 years.  By partnering with neverthirst, Expro is engaged in this mission to transform lives around the world.

10% of all of our sales go to support these clean & living water initiatives. 

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